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ibians, are you ready to paaaaarty???

This month, we want to celebrate Tibia's 15th anniversary with you. Therefore, we will update this article 15 times during the next weeks. Each time we will present you a new anniversary event that is waiting for you ingame and which will be available firefall crystite and rippln invite code from the day it gets featured here until February 15. Are you curious what we have in store for you? Come a bit closer... rumour has it that some Cipsoft members have been dragged into the game, but shhhh...

Let us start with the well-known and all time famous Knightmare. Head on over to Thais and visit him in his prison cell...

Find Knightmare and talk to him, he might give you something nice...

Want to know why Knightmare chose this location in Tibia or Xenobot? Read his explanation:

In the old days, before gamemaster characters, before tutors and before the fabled GM-island, there was hardly any space where a gamemaster could answer all the questions and requests in peace. So I retreated to one of the prison cells in Thais. The prison was first located under the castle, later under the sheriff's office. The key for that cell was a 'rare spawn', meaning that it only appeared when the map was completely reset, which happened only now and then.
There, I found the peace to talk to various players without drawing too much attention and without being too far away from Thais centre, where the heart of Tibia of those times was beating. Aside from the occasional visitor it was quite peacefully there. I often had a summoned dog with me as company and I used to create arrows while following the chat or answering questions. With the security of the prison walls I was even able to read the boards now and then. Although the cell became somewhat known as my office I rarely had visitors there. Occasionally, I was found by some clueless player who asked me why I was locked up there. I used to tell them that Cipsoft locked me up for whatever reason - some of them actually believed me.
With the creation of GM characters it became less and less important to have such a secure room and it fell into disuse. The lock of my cell door did not survive all the relocations and redecorations of the prison, so that the key today has only sentimental value. I still have one or two of them in one of my depots...

Update: The community managers have been dragged into the game. Check out what they have to tell you:

Prepare for a fun raid with Mirade, Rejana, Tjured, and lots of trolls. Do not forget to bring some healing equipment with you!

We are the community managers Mirade, Rejana and Tjured, and probably most of you have already met us on our official forum and know us. But what are we doing there, so close to the Incredibly Old Witch? Witch? Well, Mirade and Rejana okay...but Tjured is not female and none of us is old. So, why have we chosen this place and not another one? Of course, everyone of us has a favourite place in Tibia, but since we work as team, we had to find a place that works for us three. Therefore we chose a place that is easy to access by everyone and with enough space. You might ask yourself now: For what do community managers need space? Well, even forum space is not unlimited and since it is a fact that not only constructive and reasonable posts are made, but also some trolls are getting lost on the forum from time to time, we decided to outsource some trolls and therefore, we were in need of enough room to provide shelter for an army of trolls. That is the story of our location choice...
… or maybe we just took our marshmallow blaster and shot on the Tibia map with closed eyes...

Update: From today on, Craban is spawning. Listen to his story:

Fight Craban, but be prepared for a tough battle!

My name is Craban, and I am the lead product manager for Tibia.
I chose this spot because it is the location of my probably greatest PvP skill achievement. Years ago, when you still had to aim runes manually on the screen, 2 friends and I were chasing someone through Edron who had killed another friend of ours. The guy was a mage a few levels higher than myself. During the chase, my friends fell behind and suddenly, I saw myself facing this guy alone, right here at this spot. He tried to summon fire elementals which I shot down immediately. Then the SD battle began with lots of „puffs“ for bad aiming. I think he gave up during the fight because he seemed to have mailed his stuff to his depot before he died, but still, when I returned to meet my friends on Edron bridge, I was proud to be able to say: "Guys, I did him!"

Update: Another Cipsoft member appeared in the game. Denson Larika is waiting for you in Tibia!

Beware of Denson Larika. He is more evil than the pirates!

Hi Tibians, my name is Denson Larika and I am a content designer at CipSoft!
It was difficult to choose one certain place as I have positive feelings for so many things I created. The three dead bureaucrats, the dream sequence, the Nomads Hideout, the 'Troll Sabotage'-Quest or Buddel who once was called Beorn and always makes me smile when I talk to him. After all I chose Klaus' tavern because it is part of the 'Pirate Treasure'-Quest which was really fun to make and beside that it's a symbol for the never ending struggle of pirates vs. ninjas! I'd like to wrap things up with an old Ninja wisdom: Play fair, respect each other and don't spare any pirate!!

Update: Akananto is visiting Tibia. Want to greet him?

A special keyword might cause some fun. But do not forget: being prepared does never hurts.

My name is Akananto, and I am a pir... programmer.
My favourite location in Tibia is Greenshore: it is the mooring place of the mighty Tibianic and a lovely, calm place in general - except when I am there, harr harr! I remember plenty of test servers where Tibians had been lured to Greenshore by big, red words just to find out that the peaceful village had been overrun by dragons, dragon lords, behemoths and even a couple of demons! Monsters yelling, Tibians screaming, oh what a joyful sight, all the while Tokel still advertising his finest snacks. Bloody good times - literally.

Update: Delany, Bolfrim and Siramal have been dragged into the game today. Meet them in Thais!

Help the testers to find some bugs. But make sure to use the right tools.

Our names are Delany, Bolfrim and Siramal and we are software testers.
No matter what new area or NPC is implemented in a test server, you always meet the majority of players at Thais crossroads. Rumour has it that this is also the place where a tester summons a monster or two from time to time. Whenever the test servers are going to be closed, we pass the time with a quick game of Chess, Checkers or Nine Men's Morris, and wait for some nice players to come by. And if nobody wants to play with us we are wandering the Thais Exhibition, even on weekdays... Hehe.

Update: Chayenne awaits you!

Danger! Chayenne is not as nice as she seems! Don't go unprepared or she will be the death of you!

My name is Chayenne, and I am the Lead Game Content Designer for Tibia.
The old dragon graveyard I am standing on in this screenie is my favourite location in whole Tibia, even though there are so many shiny new places now. But I remember crawling out of that hole leading back to Hellgate and seeing the beautiful blue ocean, lava, and white sand while hearing the dragon lord roaring always felt like coming home. I have slain my first dragon here as a very young knight, coached by the mighty Wurzel, who taught me how to dodge fire and lure the dragon on the ropespot to be able to trap it up there.
I guess you DO never forget your first dragon, and this secluded island was always a place of peace and memories for me.

Update: The countdown has started. Count Tofifti joins the party!

He will not count to fifty, but he will try to kill you!

Hey there, I'm Grizzly ... ehm Count Tofifti and a content designer aka balancer.
Finding a favourite spot always means to review the past, special feelings and emotions of what you experienced in game, and of course projects you were working on. My first map change was the revamp of Necropolis which is why it will always make me smile when I walk by. However, there are many other places, quests and especially monsters I really like. Anyways, I chose the place near Grizzly Adams in Port Hope. Most Tibians come here one day in order to get some paw and fur points or just for some extra experience. It was my biggest and most emotional project so far and it is really a special place to me. And to keep it with Grizzly: jolly good show and keep on hunting old chaps!

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